Reem AlHashmi is a contemporary figurative artist, born and raised in the United Arab Emirates.

Her main body of work is sculpture/figure based, with her current work employing a series of dolls to convey a message or personality.

Almost all her dolls are semi-stylized and closely resemble the human figure but miniature in size. Prior to this, figurative drawings and paintings were the bulk of her work, either traditionally or digitally constructed. She explores the theme of personas, alter egos and the subject of masks and vessels through the medium of dolls, where they are placed in situations and environments based on ones she’d like to explore or live through vicariously. She takes emotions and romanticized experiences that stem from real-life happenings and expresses them through the dolls’ character or persona. While she likes to keep the true meaning behind the pieces as secretive and personal as possible, she expects the audience to form their own interpretation. Currently, she works with dolls cast in polyurethane resin as it allows for maximum customizability and modification which branches out to include different mediums such as woodwork, jewelry design, glassblowing, clay miniatures, fabric art etc.

Her main source of inspiration comes from artists Marina Bychkova Hans Bellmer, Korean sculptor Bimong, Ryo Yoshida, Mohoko Akiyama, and Satoshi Kon.